Sunday, April 15, 2012


So a few weeks ago my friend Beth helped dye my hair. I wanted it to be lighter, more like a blonde. The result-nothing really. So then about a week ago out friend Mary attempted the same feat. Nothing. My hair hates me. She did however put some blue in Beth and my hair. Just some streaks nothing crazy.

Not bad. But now it's more of a greenish-whitish-blonde streak. I go to get my haircut tomorrow and I am embarrassed for my hairdresser to see the damage I have done. Hopefully I can get her to make my hair do what I want.

Lesson learned: just go to your hairdresser!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogging From My Phone

Due to the fact my Mac is out of commission any blogging I do will have to be from my phone. So please don't judge any grammatical errors or missing words. With that said, here goes nothing....

Yesterday was rough like I imagined. I had to say goodbye to my family and drive back to TN. It's hard to see the ones you love so sad and not be able to tell them when you will see them again. The four hour drive back was long and full of deep thinking. Also, an hour and a half screaming fit from lil man. Boy was I glad to get him outta the truck!

Now back to more packing and waiting to hear when Josh will finally be home and when we will actually be leaving. I'm learning fast that the Navy runs things on their time and is always changing things. Hope this gets a little easier the more we get into this military life (somehow I doubt it will!).

Anywho, sleep has been hard to come by for me with all that is going on plus a baby that likes to comfort nurse many times throughout the night. It's my fault I know I need to get him in the crib, but that will come in time.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Goodbyes

We had a wonderful Easter with family today. Mason was so good and was excited to see other kids.
Mason's First Easter

My Mom and Me

 It finally started sinking in about us moving when having to say goodbye to my everyone. Hugging my grandmother and grandfather brought thoughts of when will I hug them again to my mind. Tomorrow is going to be one of the hardest days of my life when I have to say goodbye to my mom, dad, and brother. It's starting to hit me more and more by the minute. I have to drive away from them not knowing when I will see them again. We can get through this I know. I have so much to look forward to, but they will always be on my mind.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just For Giggles

Just like pretty much EVERYONE else, I am obsessed with Pinterest! I find so many awesome ideas for my home and clothes that I just adore (Of course all the wonderful DIY things have not been done by myself as of yet). The best about pinterest is the Humor section. Highly recommended when needing a pick-me-up. Here's some of my faves today:



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Long Story-Short

Today was a big day for my mom. After many years of letting it grow, she got her hair cut. It was like watching a makeover show; so much excitement. It turned out really beautiful and I was so proud of my mommy :)

Mason and my dad have really formed a great bond. Mason loves playing with him and lights up when "grandad" walks in. Their favorite thing to do is "drive the car." Makes my heart smile seeing them so happy and bonding.
Hello There!

Baby Steps...

Mason and I are truely enjoying our time in Charlotte. Getting to be here more than just a weekend takes away that rushed feeling of trying to fit everything in. It's nice to just relax. Charotte is changing so much. It will always be home.

Oh lord, here it comes. A day of excitement and anxiety....Mason is getting so close to walking! He's never been a crawler, he likes to scoot. Now all he wants to do is stand and attempt to walk. My baby is becoming a little boy. TEAR! Oh how they grow....I got him his first pair of shoes the other day and it's crazy how just a pair of shoes makes him look so grown up.

Well, that's all for now. Dread going back to TN and not having a computer to do this on...I really am enjoying giving blogging a go.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Under Construction

Blog is looking a little crazy right now. I have been trying to snaze it up a little bit. However, with it being Masie's bedtime it will be completed another day another time. Goodnight!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Remembering My Father

I'm in Charlotte for a long visit-my last visit before Cali (tear!). Hoping to see lots of family and friends!

This past Saturday, the 31st was the anniversary of my Father's death. Growing up, I always thought about this day, but we never really did anything as a memorial or whatever. I always wanted to go to the lake where his ashes were spread and place some flowers in the water.

The Cabin
Beautiful Lake Norman

So that's what we did.  Mason, my mom, my Meme, and I went back to the cabin Meme used to own. So many great memories of my childhood were there and I am told it was a special place for my Father as well. It was a great moment for us and so glad we did it. Although Mason won't remember, I am so happy I got to take him to the cabin.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Starting a Blog

I have probably started a million blogs in the hopes of documenting my life and being all creative and what not along the way, but they always get forgotten about them in my crazy-busy life. Now I am determined to keep this new one going. Since so much is happening in my life right now, I feel this would be the best way to keep up with everything and keep my loved ones informed. Mason's life is changing so much and I want to keep track of everything to one day show him. Sadly, he won't remember being in Knoxville, Tennessee for the first year of his life. It's been one exciting year so far. Living alone raising him has been hard, but a total blessing. Josh being in Florida for the Navy has been a difficult adjustment, but Mason keeps me busy and happy.

 Finally, this long wait to be together is coming to an end. We are moving to the big state of California! I am so excited. I have never really been anywhere before. It is very bittersweet too. Leaving our families behind is going to be the hardest thing we have all done. We are moving to NAS Lemoore. Everyone asks, "Oh, Where is that?" Honestly, I don't really know. I hear, "Mason will get to be a surfer!" and "You'll get to meet all kinds of celebrities!" So many stereotpical things about California. I really have no idea what I am in for, but excited for the unknown.

Josh comes home the end of April and we will be in Cali the beginning of May. We are driving! Two adults, one dog, and one baby. It will be quite the adventure! I am look forward to some sight-seeing as we travel across the country. I just hope Josh and I won't kill each other before we get there!

Feel like I could keep writing and writing, but alas I have a baby behind me crying for my attention. More to come!