Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Try This Again

Well, it's a new year so I thought why not have a go at this blog thing again? With the ease of uploading things on Facebook, my blog has become somewhat irrelevant, but I figure with a lot of my mind this would be the best outlet. So where do I begin?

2013 was a year of good and a little bad, but oh how the bad makes you grateful for the good! I started the year knowing something wasn't right with me. I had been trying hard to lose weight and get in shape before Josh got back from deployment with no success. After going to the doctor I found out that my thyroid wasn't functioning properly. So after many blood tests and doctor visits I finally got referred to an endocrinologist for further testing. He told me I had hypothyroidism along with Hashimoto's Disease. Of course I had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently my thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones and my body is attacking my thyroid for some reason.

More blood tests later I find out I also have polycystic ovary syndrome. This causes my ovulation to be off thus making it very hard to get pregnant. Now it's no secret that I want many more kids so this news was hard to hear especially since we've been "trying" for months now.

He was also concerned about certain levels of something (doctors speak a foreign language to me) and fatty tissue build-up in my liver so he ordered an ultrasound for my liver as well as my ovaries.

I had my ultrasounds yesterday and let me tell you, they aren't as exciting when you're not seeing a little baby growing inside you.

So here I am confused, concerned, and scared. I consider myself to be young. So why do I have to have all this going on? Why can't I just go ahead and be pregnant now when I want that more than anything?

I know it's never a good idea to "google" medical things because it always leads to "you're dying" on some page that pops up, but I did find something that connected it all. All these ailments were possible symptoms/side effects of a gluten intolerance. My doctor did suggest trying to eat healthier and be more active and said to ease into reducing my gluten intake. It's a shocking thing to think I have done this to myself in way, but also a relief to know that I could possibly turn some of this around by doing what I should be doing anyways, being healthier.

So just like the other fifty million bajillion people out there, my new year's resolution is to lose weight. But now it's not just to look good in a bathing suit (although I would love that!), but to be healthy and beat all these so called syndromes and diseases I've been labeled with.

It's not going to be easy, but I am fully committing. So we will see how it goes. Maybe I'll get to be one of those lucky bloggers who gets to post before and after pics of themselves. But more than anything I want to stop taking these pills and be able to say that I am pregnant!

Happy New Year!

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